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Pakistan is home to many fascinating and mesmerizing tourists destinations. The more you will explore Pakistan, the more you will love the scenic beauty of Pakistan. One such place is Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Wherever you go in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, you will find beautiful mountains, velvety green grass and lakes that make this place more beautiful and vibrant that is why Azad Jammu & Kashmir is called paradise on earth.

Every year thousands of tourists visit Azad Jammu & Kashmir and admire the exquisiteness of this place. The beautiful landscape does not let your eyes off from its beauty and magic. The mountains, waterfalls and lakes make you fall in love with this place.If you are planning to visit AJK, let us give you an insight of the most captivating travel destinations of the region that will make your holidays memorable.

This is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. If you call it heaven on earth it will not be wrong. If you ask anyone about the appealing tourists spots in Pakistan, Neelum valley will surely come-on the top. The cool breeze, greenery, beautiful mountains, river, lakes and welcoming people makes Neelum valley one of the best places to visit. Trekking, hiking and camping are one of the few activities tourists can enjoy here. If you want to have an unforgettable tour of your life, Neelum valley is the place to visit.

Total area of the Neelum valley is 3,621 km² and population is 191,251 according to 2017 reports.

Jhelum Valley

If you want to visit Azad Kashmir in summers, you should definitely visit Jhelum valley. This place is the host to many international and domestic tourists in summers. The serene view of Jhelum valley will mesmerize you. A river passes by the valley enhances its beauty. Cherries and walnuts are the specialty of this place. The beautiful wooden houses in the fields are sight to watch. The highest point of the Jhelum valley is Chamm. The beautiful waterfall and the lake is the main attraction that compels you to visit Kashmir. It will not be wrong to say that the Chamm is the most beautiful place in Jhelum valley. The other popular tourist attractions are Garhi Dupatta, Awan Patti, Chinari, Chakoti, Pahal and Chikar.

Leepa Valley

Leepa valley is situated in the Jhelum district of Azad Kashmir, 83 kilometers from Muzaffarbad. Formerly Leepa valley was part of Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. It will not wrong to say that Leepa valley is the most beautiful spot in Azad Kashmir and one of the top tourist’s attractions in Pakistan surrounded by the high mountains and pine trees. The best time of the year to visit this place is from May to November.

Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake is an artificial lake which is 18 kilometer from the city of Rawalakot. The lake is surrounded by the beautiful pine trees and mountains that make this place mesmerizing and romantic. The summers are very pleasant here but winters are harsh.The temperature falls to -5 degrees in winters here and in the months of December and January snowfall also occurs. So the best time to visit this place is summers. You will find greenery everywhere with the crystal clear water of the lake. As this is one the best tourist destination, accommodation is not a problem here, you will find many hotels and guest houses here.

Shounter Lake

Shounter Lake is the beautiful piece of mother nature. The best time to visit this place is from May to August as the weather is very pleasant here and roads are accessible. The lake is encircled by the mountains and the green grass and vegetation’s. If you are fond of camping, you should must visit this place as it is the best place for camping. Tourists normally visit here for the purpose of camping. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start the exciting journey.

Ramkot Fort

Ramkot is the historic and ancient fort in Azad Kashmir beside Mangla Dam. It is assumed that Ramkot fort was built by Muslims rulers of Kashmir between 16th and 17th century AD. The fort is famous for its Muslim military style architecture. In 1992 a small museum was also built here in the fort. The three sides of the Ramkot fort are surrounded by the river Jhelum. This place is only accessible by boat. If you are passionate about exploring historical places, then this is the must go place for you.

Red Fort

Red fort is also known as Muzaffarbad fort was built by the Chak rulers of the Kashmir in 16th century. The fort was constructed because there was threat from Mughal Empire to the city. The construction was started in 1559 and it was completed in 1646 by Sultan Muzaffar Khan who is the founder of the Muzaffarbad. The architecture of the fort is very unique and beautiful. It is a great site for the art and history lovers that welcomes many tourists round the year.


Rawalakot is the capital of the Poonch district Azad Kashmir. Rawalakot is a beautiful valley that is 80 kilometers away from Rawalpindi and Islamabad which is easily accessible to the residents of that area and the foreigners who land in Islamabad. The winter season is harsh in this area, so the ideal time to visit this beautiful location is summer. Toil peer and Banjosa Lake are the famous tourist destinations of this area. Trekking, hiking, mountaineering and camping are the main activities. A temple is also there 2 kilometers away from the Rawalakot city that is a beautiful spot to visit.

Toli Pir

Toli Pir is the hill top area in Tehsil Rawalakot of Poonch district. The top is 8800 feet above the sea level.

Toli Pir the highest mountainous location in Rawalakot and most attractive tourist location of the area. The beautiful green fields and beautiful view make it a must go place. Like many other parts of the Azad Kashmir it a place to visit in summers as winters are very harsh here. Being a tourist destination, accommodation is not a problem here, on the way to Toli Pir a tourism rest house is located.

Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi is also located in the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarbad. It is one of the top shrine and tourist destinations in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. Pir Chinsai is an amazing spot to explore. Famous saint of the greater Kashmir, Hazrat Shah Hussain’s shrine is also situated in this area which gives this place a Sufi touch. The Pir Chinasi area is surrounded by the snowy peaks and trees. The road this place is quite tricky but if you are adventurous this will add another great experience in your memories.


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