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Pakistan is a country with diverse culture and full of natural beauty. From mountains of Himalaya and Karakorum to the Indus River in the sound, from beautiful valleys and shores to the religious sites of Hindus and Sikhs, every view of Pakistan is breathtaking. Pakistan is a heaven for any tourist and a country to worth visit.

Pakistan has always been a tourist attraction but terrorism and security conditions in the past have affected the tourism industry badly. But Pakistan’s tourism industry have seen many improvements recently and law and order situation is also improved that’s why there is noticeable increase in the number of tourists to Pakistan.

As the Pakistan has been listed by the UK’s travel magazine “Conde Traveller” as the top Holiday destination in 2020. We would like to mention the Pakistan’s top tourists and holiday destinations for locals and foreigners.

Sindh is one of 5 provinces in Pakistan located in the south of country. Sindh is the second largest area of Pakistan after Punjab. The capital of Sindh is Karachi, the one of the biggest metropolitan city. The other cities of the Sindh are Hyderabad, Shikarpur, Badin, Larkana and Nawabshah. There are many historical and religious places in Sindh to worth visit. Best time to travel to Sindh is either winter or spring as summers are very harsh in the Sindh and temperature may reach up to 50 degree Celsius.

Places to visit in Karachi

Mazar-e- Quaid

Mazar-e- Quaid is the final resting place of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, It is the iconic symbol of Karachi. It is also known as Jinnah Mausoleum. It is located in the Jamshed Quarters, neighborhood of Karachi. The mausoleum was designed by Yahya Merchant and was completed in 1970. It is one of the famous tourist’s destination in Karachi.

Quaid-e-Azam House museum

It is an important National monument, located in the heart of the city. Quaid-e-Azam house museum is also known as Flag staff house. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has bought this house in 1943 from Mr. Sorab Kavasji Katrak, former Mayor of Karachi.

Masjid Tooba

Masjid E Tooba also known as Gol Masjid. It is located in DHA, Phase 2 Karachi. This Masjid was designed by Babar Hamid Chauhan. The construction of the mosque was started in 1966 and it was completed in 1969.

Clifton Beach

Clifton beach is located on the Arabian Sea. It is commonly known as Sea View. It is one of the busiest and popular beach in Pakistan. There are no beaches in other provinces of Pakistan except Sindh and Baluchistan.

Mohatta Palace

Mohatta palace is a museum located in Clifton Karachi. It was built in 1927, designed by Agha Ahmed Hussain. Mohatta palace was built for Shabbir Khan Mohatta as summer home. Shabbir Khan Mohatta real was Shivratan Mohatta and he was Rajasthan based businessman.

Bagh-e-ibne Qasim

Bagh-e- ibne-Qasim is Karachi largest urban park. The total area of the park is 130 acres. It is a beachside park located near Clifton beach. This park was inaugurated by President Pervez Musharraf on Feb, 27, 2007. The park was constructed in 300 days with the cost of PKR 600 million. Bagh-e-ibne-Qasim was named in the memory of great Muslim conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim.

Frere Hall

Frere hall is Karachi’s notable building. It was built during the British rule in Karachi in 1865. Frere hall was initially a town hall but it functions as library and exhibition place now.

The Chaukandi Tombs

The Chaukandi Tombs located 29km in the east of Karachi. Chaukandi is a Sindhi language word, Chau means “four” and Kundi means “corner”. Chaukandi tombs are famous for the stone work (carving). This type of stone work is not found anywhere 

except Sindh.

Other Beautiful Places to visit in Sindh

Other than Karachi city, there are many historical and religious places in the Sindh.

Karoonjhar Mountain

The Karoonjhar hill is located in Tharparkar. It is in the district which is near nagarparkar. The length of the Karoonjhar Mountain is 19km and its height is 305m. The hill contains granite and Chinese clay. It is rich in minerals.

Keenjhar Lake

Keenjhar Lake is located in the city of Thatta, Sindh. It is 36km from the city of Thatta. Keenjhar Lake is the source of fresh drinking water Thatta and Karachi. It is the second largest fresh water lake in Pakistan. Keenjhar Lake is a famous tourist spot in Thatta. It is also famous for the folk story of Noori Jam Tamachi, whose tomb (Grave) is in the middle of the lake.

Lake Manchar

Lake Manchar is the largest fresh water Lake of Pakistan. It is Asia’s one of the largest Lakes. Manchar Lake is located in Jamshoro and Dadu district. Its mesmerizing view is the cause of attraction of tourists.

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro is one the oldest civilizations of the world. It was built in 2500 BCE. Mohenjo Daro means “the mound of the dead men”. The architecture and construction of the Mohenjo Daro is complex as well as modern. Bollywood movie “Mihenjo Daro” is based on this civilization.

Kot Diji Fort

It is located in the Khairpur district of Sindh. Kot Diji fort was formally known as Fort Ahmedabad. This fort is of 18th century talpur era. Kot Diji fort was built by Sohrab Khan Talpur between 1785 to 1795.

Ranikot Fort

Ranikot fort is located in district Jamshoro. This fort also belongs to Talpur era. It is said to be one of the largest forts of the world. 

Ranikot fort also known as “the great wall of Sindh”.

Sadh Bhelo

Sadh Bhelo is an island located in the city of Sukkur, Sindh. It is famous for its Hindu temples. The biggest Hindu temple “Teerath Asthan” is also located here on Sadh Bhelo Island, along with 8 other temples. It is a must visit place.

Kalka Devi Mandir

Kalka Devi Mandir is situated in Sukkur, Sindh. This Mandir is located inside a cave. Kalka means Power. It is believed that Devi (goddess) comes in this Mandir during her Hinglaj Yatra.

Jain Temples

Jain temples are located in Karoonjhar Mountains of Sindh. Jain temple architecture is similar to Hindu temple architecture. It is an old historic place that is a tourist attraction for many.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai mazar (memorial)

Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai mazar is situated in the Bhit Shah of Sindh province. The shrine was built in 18th century for Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai who was Sindhi scholar, poet and mystic. The annuals Urs of the mazar is attended by about 500,000 people. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai shrine is one of its kind.

Shah Jahan Mosque

Shah Jahan Mosque is located in Thatta. it is also known as Jamia Masjid of Thatta. the architecture is one of its kind. This was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 17th century.

Faiz Mahal

Faiz Mahal is a palace in Khairpur Sindh. This architectural masterpiece is the remain of Talpur 

dynasty. It was built by Sohrab Khan in 1798. Faiz Mahal was the last home for Talpur monarch H.H. Mir Ali Murad Khan TalpurII.

This list has provided you the insight of the famous and historical places of Sindh and will help you to choose your holiday destination.


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