Today gold rate in Pakistan, 3 august 2020

As we know that gold is a very precious metal which is also used as a reserve. People keep gold to put themselves in a safe zoon. Investment in gold is very safe for investors. Today the gold rate in Pakistan is per 107080 10 gram while per tola is 124855 rupees.

It has seen that the gold rate has shown many fluctuations. last week it was 118000 rupees per tola but it reached 124855 rupees per tola. The gold rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day and it is expected that the rates will also increase more in the future.

today gold rate in pakistan
gold prices in Pakistan

The latest gold rates are actually increasing in Pakistan but in the world also. In the international market gold rates are also increasing rapidly. today gold rate in the USA is 62 dollars per gram while per ounce is at 1976 dollars. Economists and analysts are also expecting that the gold rate in Pakistan will increase further. Investors are investing more in gold as they need to secure themselves.

It is reported that today gold rate in Pakistan is increased by 855 rupees as it was 1024000 rupees per tola on the last day. The gold rate in Pakistan is also affected by the global market while it can be seen that the gold rates in Pakistan are increased due to COVID-19.



Gold 24K per 10 Grams

Rs. 107080

Gold 24K per Tola

Rs. 124855

The gold rate in US is also increasing day by day and it is because of COVID-19 where investors are afraid to invest in such difficult conditions so that’s why investing in gold is the priority of investors to save their money. Today gold rate in USA is 62 dollars per gram while¬† 1976 dollars per ounce. It is very difficult to forecast the prices of gold either they will increase or not but many of the analysts are predicting that the gold rate in USA will increase in the near future. It is observed by the trend of the gold market as it is increasing every day.

On 3 August 2020 gold rate in Pakistan is 107080 per 10 gram and 124855 rupees per tola. If the pandemic situation remains the same then its quite possible that the gold prices will increase in the future.


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