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The Pakistani Wedding: Full Of Traditional Functions

Pakistani Wedding

The Pakistani wedding is great matters that we are blessed with unlimited patience. The Pakistani wedding largely consists of mayon, mehndi, Nikah, baraat and walima. All these functions happens on different days. These functions may be preceded or followed by one or more dholki events consisting of dancing and singing. Friends and close relatives participate in and is expected to attend all major events. This format is followed to surprisingly number of wedding events. The important part of Pakistani wedding or a Muslim wedding is only Nikkah. The official contract of marriage. The other things are everything else somehow being cultural or traditional events of Pakistani wedding.

The wedding/Shaadi day is special one in every human’s life. It has separate importance in all traditions, cultures and societies. The ceremonies of wedding do changes with regard to regional and cultural differences and we Pakistani have most unique of wedding ceremonies in the world. Is there anyone who doesn’t love Pakistani wedding? The charm, the excitement, the food, the music, the dresses, the colors, the drama and what so not. With never ending pre and post wedding events is there still any reason not to love? The main purpose of this is to make the dulha and dulhan feel important and celebrate whole-heartedly.Pakistani wedding is made up of a series of festive events. As soon as the wedding season arrives in Pakistan preparations start all around for brides and grooms to be.

In the western culture marriage has lost its significance in comparison with the Pakistani society. The main purpose of marriage has been laid off where Islamic and eastern values combine to greatly honor the person’s marital status. Marriage is an agreement/contract between two persons who pledge to spend rest of their lives together and to raise their generation. Allah Almighty explained in the Quran,

“They (Wives) Are Fabric For You And You Are Fabric For Them”.

Pakistani Weddings Are Not Just A Family Affair

Pakistani Shadi is not just a family affair anymore. Wedding in Pakistan comprises of not less than 500 guests. These number of guests are for the simple ceremonies. Celebrations that are grand in nature increases to 1500 guests.

These weddings are expensive in the nature and is burdened on the bride’s family. The Pakistani wedding comprises of the following functions and rasms in details.


The Engagement ceremony is the first one after the proposal. And is also known as ( mangni ). This is usually a small function in which they formally accept the relationship. Rings and different jewelry or money is exchange among prosperous families. The traditional engagements Functions in Pakistan the lady and the boy is not allowed to sit together and the rings are given by the Grooms/bride finger by the man’s mom or sister for both. A Dua and favors are then distributed for the couple and the wedding date is also decided.


In this Pakistani shaadi function mayon, oil, Ubtan and turmeric are applied to the bride’s face and hands to make her look pale and bland. Her dress is designed in yellow and this is designed to make her look attractive and glowing on the day of the mehndi. In this function the bride’s look is simple and without any makeup. It used to be exclusively a girl’s event but in now a days our new world it is a mixed sort of gathering as well. The guests are usually served as bar be-Que chicken. The couple will not see each other from this day until the ceremony of Nikah.


Pakistani weddings includes a lot of dhol tamasha and loud out with a lot of singing and entertainment. A good old Dholki session at home at small scale. Dholkis are usually held at houses which includes friends and family of the dulha Dulhan gather for some pre-celebrations and fun. Singing, dancing, food and just usual gup shup are part of dholki sessions. The dhol is a large skinned drum that is played along with a metal spoon and hands. Ladies of the family gather around in a circle around the dhol and sing traditional and folk and Mehndi songs about the newly married couple.


Previously the mehndi functions took place in the homes of the boy and the girl. These were organized separately. The facial looks of both are different. The bride looks stunning in henna/ mehndi and bright clothes. While the groom, shaves or trims his facial hair. The only important thing in the function is music and dancing. Moreover, everybody eats. In recent times mehndi functions are also done on large scale in halls and marques while young men wearing dupattas, and colorful shiny dresses.


In Baraat the host family is the bride’s family. The bride’s family house is decorated with lights and bride is dressed up as doll usually in bright Red jora of Suhag and a lot of jewelry while groonents of the groom’s costume. Fully dressed with designer cloths and artisan makeup. While the groom’s friends and family arrives at the place where the event is arranged. In reality this is the main event of whole traditional Pakistani wedding. On this day first of all Nikah is arranged and alter it comprises of other fun related activities. The traditional wedding gifts in form of gift-money called as salaami is given to groom or bride. Photographs are taken while giving these salamis. A luxurious food is given by the brides family. The ending ceremony takes on when the groom takes his bride home with the procession for whole life and till the contracts end and the rasam is called rukhsati. 

More rasms consist of “ juta chupai” and “ Dodh pilae”. In this the bride’s family and friends young girls takes money in the end of the this ceremony as a gift. The Holy Quran is held over the new bride’s head as she joins her husband’s family for all the good wishes. The official paperwork is signed in the presence of a Qazi and the guests and family.


Walima is last service in marriage that is also endorsed by Islam and is also important in our social system. Walima is a ceremony organized by the Groom’s family for all the social gathering. A Special designer dresses are worn by the newlywed couple. Invitees also bring presents/ cash and wedding gifts for the couple. On this day photography and food is the only thing.

Dowry Tradition in Pakistani Wedding:

Dowry and Jaheiz in Pakistan is the biggest tension for brides parents. Dowry is considered as the main gifts for bride from parents. All the essential things of house, such as furniture, kitchen and home accessories, crockery, clothing, electronics and what not. In most of the Pakistani wedding traditions the dowry and groom’s gifts are displayed to guest. But now this tradition has also been changed. The dowry system in Pakistan is now fading as the new generation is well aware of unnecessary traditions which burden the families financially as well as emotionally. However, now Pakistani government has passed the dowry law as well so it is included in marriage laws of Pakistan. This step is taken for restricting the extensive dowry tradition in Pakistan.


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