The Gold Rate In Pakistan Today, 8 August 2020

The gold rate in Pakistan today has reached its highest worth. The gold rate in Pakistan is not fixed nor in the international market. As the gold rate in the international market intensifies, it also influences and increases in Pakistan. On 8th August 2020, the gold rate in Pakistan today is 10922 Rupees per gram while 127350 Rupees as per tola of pure 24K. Yesterday it was closed as 129750  Rupees per tola while 111277 Rupees as per 10 gram. Mentioning internationally, today’s gold rate in the USA is 66.32 dollars per 1 gram and 2071 dollars per ounce. As forecasted that it will cross 2000 dollars, today gold reached its maximum limit value.

gold prices

Gold has stretched its topmost value which is an all-time high and it is expected to increase further in August and till the end of this year. It is predicted that the gold rate in Pakistan will reach Rs. 150,000 per Tola. The gold rates are increasing because investors are investing their money in gold when the economic crisis/ recession is on the corner of the street. Due to COVID-19, each and every business is not doing well that is why investors’ only best option is to protect their money by investing in gold. provides up to date information about gold prices and its trends. You can check the latest gold rates on

The Gold prices are continuously fluctuating these days and today it had reached their peak value which is the highest value ever. In history, Gold not once has touched 2000 dollars per ounce before in the international market. Gold prices are again abruptly higher and hit a record high of $2,064.90 on the basis of October Comex futures in early U.S. trading Thursday. Silver prices are also sharply higher and hit a more-than-seven-year high of $28.54, basis September Comex futures. October gold futures were last up $25.00 an ounce at $2,062.10. September Comex silver prices were last up $1.45 at $28.34 an ounce. Most people are of the view that investment in gold is just to protect their money because there is no other option available in this pandemic. For investors, it is suggested that they can invest in gold when its price is low to get more benefits.


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