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Pakistani Wedding Rituals: Those Are Not Common

Pakistani Wedding Rituals

Pakistani Weddings are mostly full of colors, food , dance and music. When the Pakistani wedding season starts there is several weddings in one family on each and every weekend. The preparations starts before few months. The wedding dresses and themes are selected among families of bride and groom as well as friends.Pakistan being a land of different cultures, makes it a unique in its own self. Same is the case in Pakistani Wedding rituals, different culture and area has different rituals which are not common. Following are few of them.

Rice Cleaning In Baluchistan

In this ritual the friends and family of bride are gathered at one place and clean the rice together. This rice is used in cooking food in the wedding. This is a function like bridal shower. The ceremony is organized to give blessing and prayers for the bride. Superb gathering is the best Pakistani wedding ritual.

Making Of Katway In Haripur

Katway is a dish in itself. This Pakistani wedding ritual is exciting as the females of the family are not bound to cook on the day of Mehndi. The relatives of Groom, friends and family friends dedicate themselves for cooking. From grinding the spices till cooking and serving is done by themselves. It is also a sort of get together for men.

Waag Parhai In Punjab

Pakistani wedding ritual waag parhai is celebrated in Punjab. Where mostly horse id used for the groom ride towards the bride house. This wedding rasm is among a brother and a sister. Sisters of the groom do not let the horse to move until the groom give a heavy amount of cash to them. The ritual is the most fun part when all the family gets involve in this cash negotiations.

Walwar In KP

Walwar is a Pakistani tribal ritual. In this ritual the groom family pays off to the girls family. This is merly done to provide financial assistance to the bride family for arrangement of the wedding. As this ritual is contradictory to that of dowry. The amount is decided by the jirga in presence of both the families. Money is paid at the time of agreement and later on the wedding day.

Nabad And Manamal In Kashmir

In Kashmiri culture the wedding ritual comprises of celebration by freed the two pigeons. There is a thread manamal tied on the heads of new couple that is opened after entering the groom’s home. Later on the aunties fed the couple with food. While the ritual of going to brides home with her groom and children is called Satraat.

Daave Washiyash In Gilgit Baltistan

In Gilgit Baltistan, whole of the family/ tribe/ friends are invited. The invitation is for full 4 days of functions. Or before the wedding. All the food and accommodation of this invitees are done by the family in which wedding is going on. The luxury food is served to them as meat is the most important and compulsory ingredient. Other mandatory food items are:

  • Qista, Khamali (breads made of wheat flour)

  • Maltas (butter)

  • Tan Boom Chai (strong tea in terms of milk and tea leaves)

Qilla In Balochistan

Qilla is a two day Pakistani wedding ritual in which bride is pampered. She sits in a room and taken care of nutrition and her looks. It is most of the mayoon type ceremony. These two days are spent in peace and in the evening the groom’s family goes to her house and apply her mehndi. After Qilla is over bride is ready to go on with the main Mehndi ceremony.


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