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How to be productive during Coronavirus Quarantine Time?

How to be productive during Quarantine?


Covid-19 is declared as pandemic by WHO and it has affected nearly all the countries in the world. There is only one way to protect ourselves from this disease, is to self-isolate or quarantine ourselves . It is not easy to be isolated in this world after a busy lifestyle and people are freaking out. WHO has also recommended to be involved in physical activity for around 75-150 minutes in a day. This time can be utilize more productively by doing following things while staying at home with our loved ones.

Learn a new skill

Learning is always a fun and have no age limit. In our busy routine we do not find time to learn something new or of our own interest. This is probably the best time to learn any skill or activities, that you are passionate about or attracts you. Technological era, help us to learn easily at a click . You can learn anything online while staying at home. There are many platforms that can help you to learn new skills and activities.


As the spring season just started, you can grow different vegetables and fruits at your home. This will not only keep you busy but you relieve your stress too. According a research in Sweden, those people who invest more time in their gardens are less vulnerable to anxiety. The gardening can be done in community gardens, courtyards in your houses and in pots which can be placed in balconies. These activities are best to involve people of different age group in the same activity. But yeah Clean your hands and sanitize.


If you are a fitness freak and worried about going to gym. It’s not a great idea now but you can do exercise at home without the equipment’s. You can watch online tutorials and follow accordingly. For mental health, physical health is very important. Planks, Knee-elbow, back extensions, Squats, bridge, chair dips can be easily done by own. Another important one can be yoga and meditation.


You can make your time productive by trying different recipes for your family. You can prepare favorite dishes for your loved ones. During quarantine time we cannot go outside to our favorite restaurant, neither can order any food. Trying different and new recipes is a great idea, isn’t it?

Jenna Golden, a consultant in Washington, DC, urged that:

Right now, there are a lot of unknowns and many of us are feeling a complete lack of control. Cooking and baking have been productive activities, and something that I have been able to enjoy even with the scary backdrop of a global crisis,” Golden says. “It’s my slice of normal amid an incredibly abnormal time.”


Reading is food for mind and soul. It’s time to start a new book or novel. When every person is stressed out, you can lower your stress by reading your favorite book. You can read books online as there are many online platforms available. Its better to read something positive. Staying positive will help to boast immune system.

Family time

What would be more relaxing than spending time with your loved ones? Take the advantage of this time and spend quality time with your family. It is a chance for you to make your bond stronger with your family. Spending time with family will help to solve many conflicts and will build your confidence. You will get to understand more about your family and loved ones.

Few other tips are following

  • Get your documents filled in proper way

  • Arrange data in your phones, laptops, drives and email inbox

  • Update your resume or online profiles

  • Try to arrange your book shelves, kitchen cabinets and cupboards

  • Call or text your old friend, colleagues, all those , for who you couldn’t gather time in your daily routine. Let them know : you miss them!

  • Try to have learning activities for your kids

  • Take time and Thank God and your loved one in Life

  • And At Last !Lie on roof and count the stars

Stay Home! Stay Safe!… We all are in the same ship.


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