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Pakistan is situated in South Asia and is officially named as The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a populous, multi cultured and multi ethnic country. Pakistan share its borders with India, Iran, China, Afghanistan and its coastline along with Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Pakistan has been greatly effected by the war on terror from last two decades. And its geographical location makes its situation more miserable but at the same time it has become important for super power of the world. Pakistani people have bravely fought these battles against terrorism and have proven that they are peace loving people. Pakistan’s image has been worsen internationally by her enemies. But Pakistani people by their hospitality and bravery has proven the world its soft image.

Pakistan got independence in 1947 from British rule in Subcontinent. Till day Pakistan has struggled throughout its existence and to achieve political sustainability and development both economic and social. Pakistan has five provinces Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan. Pakistan includes a rich range  of landscapes starting from Pamirs and Range of Karakoram Peaks.


Pakistani Culture is very diverse. It has its roots from different ethnicity around the world, it has been invaded in the past been by many people like as the white Huns, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and various others groups. This brings different culture of Pakistan. It is exhibit in their dress food and religion and also pre Islamic customs differ from Islamic practices. Pakistan is the first state to receive the full impact of Islam and developed Islamic identity in the region.

Geographically also Pakistan is the mixture of South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia. it’s a combination of Islamic, regional, English and global influences, Increasing globalization has improved the pressure of western culture and Pakistan culture. They are easy access to western products, culture and foods.


Religion is not only the base of the social system of Pakistan but the reason of her existence. The major religion in Pakistan is Islam which followed by 95.98% of people. The remaining 2.5% practice Christianity, Hinduism and other religions.

Festivals celebrated in Pakistan:

Pakistan celebrate its national and ethical and religious festivals throughout the year

Eid ul Fitr:

This Eid is a great Muslim religious festival celebrated at the end of Ramzan throughout the world with cultural and social activities and exchange of sweets Pakistan celebrate this festival by wearing of new clothes and exchange of sweets. The Celebration goes for three days in a row and women and children decorate their hands & feet with hina and bangels.

Eid ul Azha:

Eid ul Azha is celebrated on 10th day of the Zil Hajj that is the 12th month in Islamic calendar. On this day , people who can afford financially to sacrifice a sheep or a goat or cow in the name of Allah as was done by Prophet Abraham. The scarified animal is distributed among the poor, relatives and third for self and own family.


This festival is actually the remembrance of Shahdat of Hazrat Imam Hussain, Grandson of Holy Prophet Mohammed. In these two days mourning with processions and public display featuring is observed throughout Pakistan. The festival is marked by blood sights, decorated horses, flags & life size models of shrines and gatherings for remembrance of past. This festival is celebrated not by only Shia Muslims but Sunni also have full respect for this festival.

Basant Kite Flying Festival

The Basant festival is celebrated in March as arrival of spring. It is celebrated in the entire country, with flying kites. But specially in Lahore, Kasoor, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Faisalabad and other major cities of Punjab.

Chilimjusht Or Joshi

Chilimjusht Or Joshi festival is celebrated in all the Kafir Kalash Valleys of Chitral . this festival is celebrated by remembering the Kafirs are the decedents of Alexander’s army who came into this region in 327 B.C.

Shandur Polo Festival

This is celebrated in Shandur Pass which is the highest Polo Field of the World. This is played in Chitral, Hunza & Skardu. It is always hosted by the President or Prime Minister of Pakistan. Unusually, the polo played here is quite primitive, & rough with very few rules and polo lovers around the world come to join this festive.

Christian Festivals

The Christian community celebrates Christmas, Easter is celebrated with full zeal.

The other minorities like Hindus, Sikhs and Parsis also celebrate their religious days with equal rights and enjoy it with full enthusiasm. So it be holy, deepwali and other important festivals as well. And at last the largest community that comes from all over the world to Pakistan is the Sikhs for the Baba Guru Nanak birthday celebrations in November every year.-


The Official language of Pakistan is URDU and English while other languages are Punjabis, Pasto, Sindhi, and Balochi and other regional languages are Saraiki, Hindko and Brahui.


Poetry is art and profession as well.. It has its roots originated in Persian empire. After the independence poetry is written in Urdu language and also regional language. Faiz Ahmad is one of Pakistan’s greatest poet. New talent is still emerging in Pakistan for poetry lovers.


The Pakistani music has a large variety and market. Folk and traditional music are famous in Pakistan, such as Qawwali and Gazal Gayaki in to modern forms bringing together the Qawwali and western music is popular.


Mughal era has introduce Kathak as classical dance and other folk dances are Bhangra, Luddi, Sammi of Punjab, Lewa, chap of Baluchistan, Attan and Khattak of Khyber and Dhammal, Ho jamalo, Jumro of Sindh.

Drama and Theatre:

Pakistani Drama and Film industry is considered to be one of the most finest one, Starting from stage play to films. Pakistan has its state owned Channels for news and for entertainment as well. Plus there are more than 100 of private channels as well.


Major portion of Pakistan population is Muslims so there is an important factor of Halal and Haram food items, One fact is that Muslim don’t eat pork therefore chicken, fish, lamb and beef are the general food. Spices and curries are main part of any Pakistani dish. Spices uses in the daily life are chili powder, turmeric, black and red pepper, saffron, cumin seed, paprika, ginger, bay leaf, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, garlic, nutmeg and poppy seed..Pakistani cuisine is the lesser known food of the sub-continent and is rich in tradition, full of amazing and diverse dishes.

Main dishes of Pakistan

  • Pulses,

  • Haleem

  • Barbeque and Kababs

  • Pulao

  • Biryani

  • Karahi’s

  • Rice dishes

  • Pickles

  • Saag


In Pakistan different parts lave different physical features and climates The Official dress of Pakistan is shalwar qameez. While the fashion industry in Pakistan is liked and exported throughout the world. Bridal collection designed with heavy traditional work is been popular in the world now.

Pakistani Truck Art:

Pakistani Truck art is famous throughout the world. The pattern of decorating trucks, lorries and rickshaw with colorful floral design has become the fashion trends for cutlery, drawing rooms and interior.


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