Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

Gold Rate



Gold 24K per 10 Grams

Rs. 96400

Gold 24K per Tola

Rs. 112400

Gold 22K per 10 Grams

Rs. 88366

Gold 22K per Tola

Rs. 103034

These rates are published in by local Gold Market and Sarafa markets of Pakistan. The retailers may take additional charges with the said rates for preparation of jewelry or other items.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

Gold is always considered as a valuable and most valued metal among diverse metals. The significance and importance can’t be ignored. In Pakistan the Gold is widely use in different purposes and several factors influence the Gold Price in Pakistan.

How many grams are in an ounce of gold?

The Trojan ounce of gold contains 31,1034807 grams. A Trojan unit is a broader measurement device known as Trojan weights for precious metals.

How many grams in 22k gold?

The gold price is usually calculated on a fraction basis and for 22 Karat gold it is 22/24. The real gold is of 24 K. 22 K gold possesses 8.33% alloy metal and 91.67% gold. So additionally 22 K , 10 gm gold bar has 9.1666 grams gold in the alloy.

How much is a Tola?

In Pakistan one Tola is equal to 11.663 grams. Almost 12 grams. The major traditional unit used is of Tola.

What is Gold?

Gold is a precious metal with the bright yellow color of the planet. Which is why people use gold for various purposes tremendously. Besides that, it’s flexible, can be bent, dense metal and can be dissolved easily. Yet combining the other metals with gold can also be more difficult.

Gold Usage

The Gold can be used as investing purposes through the buying of Gold coins or bars and can be widely used as a currency from several years because of its higher valuation. A noble element so it is also used in medals, champion cups and awards for the winners. Even also used in statute, sculpture and idols. The 80% of Gold reserves are used in making different type of jewelries even it has been now used in chocolates and in clothing embroidery.

History of Gold

The price of gold has increased approximately 4,750% since 1935 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt raised the value of gold to $35 per ounce. This is compared to today’s gold prices (June 2020) that are hovering around $1,700.
The gold price today (June 2020) with the prices at the beginning of this millennium (January 2000), the price of gold has increased approximately 496%. This is 3x the increase of the Dow Index during this period.

Gold has been emerged in the world from several centuries, as per the sources the ancient civilization has first time used flakes of Gold and after that Gold has been found across the globe. Additionally, today it is found in the form of coinage, bars and jewelry etc.

Besides that, United States, China, Australia, Russia, Canada, Australia and South Africa are the famous country that has highest Gold reserves and worldwide markets will purchase it and circulated in their markets.

Is the price of gold volatile for the average investor?

The gold market is no more volatile. Gold price may suddenly rise and fall like other goods, but with relatively quiet prices, it is also known to go on for long periods. Overall, many financial experts consider gold to be a long-term store of value, so that many recommend that gold be part of your selection.

Is it true the price of gold goes up when the stock market goes down?

The gold price is usually adversely linked to the stock market. Gold prices often rise when markets fall. That being said, gold prices and the stock market both rise or fall unisonous. Overall, however, time has proven that gold prices are not linked with stock and bond movements and this is why it should play a key role in maintaining your investment portfolio’s long-term value.

Global Concern about gold?

Investors tried to guarantee the survival of the novel virus, while world-wide central banks offered strong incentives to minimize the economic impact of the pandemic.

At $1,809.19 an ounce at 1133 GMT, spot Gold was little changed. Since September 2011, on Wednesday, it climbed to its highest level at $1,817.71. The US gold flow was down 0.3% on 1,816 dollars.Gold prices shot to Rs 105 in last month, Rs 90,106 to 10 grams to Rs 104,100 tola and Rs 89,506 to 10 grams at June 29, 2012 to Rs. 104,100 tola.The rising number of corona-virus infections and deaths have consistently fueled concerns about the prospects for an economic recovery around the world. Year-to-date (YTD), one-tola and 10-gram gold rates have respectively shot up as much as Rs 20,150 and Rs 17,276, with figures reported to be at Rs. 88,150 and Rs 75,574, as of January 1, 2020.

On January 1, a dollar was equal to Rs. 154.99 as opposed to Rs. 167.24, as of reporting time.




































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