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We all have heard about the face serums and the amazing things that they do for our skin. Serums have become skin care slogan in recent year and they provide the number of benefits to the skin. Serums remove the sign of fatigue and tiredness, reduce the large open pores, remove the wrinkles, help in skin to maintain its moisture and make skin look younger and brighter.There are different types of serums available in the market that you can easily get according to your skin condition but these serums are very costly and not everyone can afford them. If you cannot afford the serums available in the market and want to solve your skin problems too, you should not worry as we have number of DIY serums that you can use and get your desired skin.


Using vitamin C serum is not something extra that you are doing for your skin. it is as essential as cleansing and moisturizing your skin. It is very important to apply vitamin C serum once a day on the face. The main function of the vitamin C serum is to protect from the sun rays. Making vitamin C serum is very easy. You will need

-Vitamin C tablets: 20 (500mg) non chewable tablets

-Glycerin: 2 tablespoons

-Rose water: 5 tablespoon

-Vitamin E capsule: 1

-Aloevera gel: 1 teaspoon (this is optional)

Mix all the ingredients well and Now store it a bottle. This serum can be stored for 8 to 10 days.

Note: store serum in dark bottle.


This serum is best for skin lightening. It removes acne marks, pigmentation and blemishes. Skin lightening serum should be in your daily routine if you want a brighter and spotless skin. You will need following ingredients for making this serum

-Cucumber gel (You can also take fresh cucumber juice): 1 tablespoon

-Aloevera gel: 1 tablespoon

-Rose water: 1 tablespoon

-Vitamin E capsule: 1

Mix all the ingredients well and store in a bottle for later use. If you have dry skin you can add any essential oil such as almond oil or lavender oil. You can store this serum for up to 15 days.


As the name suggests, this serum is for skin glow. Removes the spots and marks from the skin and makes skin lighter. The following ingredients will be needed for making skin glow serum

-Aloevera gel: 2.5 ml

-Glycerin: 5ml

Lavender oil: 2.5ml

Rose oil: 5ml

Vitamin capsule: 2 (optional)

Mix the ingredients well and store in a container and can be stored for a month. This serum works best for oily and acne prone skin.

Note: use this serum only at night. Avoid using during day.


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