About Us


Welcome to Hittheinfo.com.!!! 

This platform provides information correlated with all walks of life. As the name exhibits, it covers articles related to trending news,  motivational learning, and living life with full positivity, health care, and fitness, traveling, food, Psychological issues, and daily life hacks and solutions to your problems. Hittheinfo desires to provide the best and easy-to-understand content that addresses the real problems of life.

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

The mission of hitheinfo.com is to Think- Search-Know.  

Hittheinfo.com provides relevant information for people from every walk of life and to all age groups. It provides a platform for the young generation to put their capabilities and provides updated and authentic information.  

Hittheinfo, started by three young Pakistani minds. Those minds are an amalgamation of graduates from high ranking institutes of the country,  belonging to remote areas having their education backgrounds related to Management Sciences, Economics, and Social Sciences. The main aim of this website is to boost e-journalism and ensure a positive image of Pakistan worldwide.  

Hittheinfo is in the process of progression, and we aim to provide 24/7 news updates and information related to all walks of life. Futuristically, we aim to provide human resource opportunities to utilize the young talent of Pakistan. Moreover, to enhance e-learning and e-journalism in Pakistan and to bring positivity and promote a positive image of the country by improving e-learning and e-journalism opportunities in Pakistan.